I’m a creative and entrepreneurial young (okay, so I just turned 30) marketing professional. My background is in political marketing working for successful local and high profile presidential campaigns alike. I emerged the trenches of campaigns and elections hardened by countless hours of door knocking, phone calls, event planning, direct mail, and any possible outbound marketing tactic that would reach a voter imaginable. I’ve been doing similar work in government since sharing programs and services with people who are eligible for them.

For the last five years, I’ve dove head first into the world of internet marketing after years of blogging casually for political news sites and candidates selling yard signs online. I soon found that if you build it, they won’t necessarily come. I began experimenting with SEO, CRO, and all other internet marketing acronyms.

I began taking on an online marketing odd job or two to indulge my schizophrenic personality. My internet marketing consulting agency has grown leaps and bounds and I no work with a number of design and development agencies along with some political and private sector clients in the healthcare, energy, and professional services industries directly.

In case you’re interested in getting a warm fuzzy feeling by knowing a little bit about me personally, I’m happily married to my wife Catya of five years, we are expecting our first, and I enjoy spending my free time with family, at church, and participating in a number of boards and groups including Humane Society of United States Pennsylvania Council, Toastmaster’s, and the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee.


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