Jansport Backpack Shout Out

I’ve owned a Jansport backpack since, I think, 10th grade. After about 15 years, the poor thing was in need of repair. Jansport has a lifetime guarantee, but I was hesitant to send the old guy in because I had become oddly attached to it. I sent it in crossing my fingers they would repair it instead of replacing. They did!

I’ve got some stiff nylon to contend with now, but I understand putting it in the wash with fabric softener and in the dryer with a tennis ball should help. We’ll see! Here it is; back in tip top shape:


From a durability and customer service standpoint, I’m really happy with Jansport. Here’s the interesting part… I had a brand new, cheap backpack to hold me over while Jansport was repairing my back. By the way, they turned it around pretty quick. I was without a backpack for less than three weeks including shipping back and forth across the country.

This is what happened to my temporary replacement backpack over that time:

tear in backpack

Basically, this thing is junk:

crappy backpack

I couldn’t believe that I’d had a Jansport for 15 or so years without damage like that and in just a few weeks a brand new backpack was basically unusable. Kudos to Jansport for a great product and guarantee to back it up!

PS. I didn’t get paid to write this. I don’t get a commission if you click on the link to Jansport’s backpack shop. I’m just a really happy customer.