How to Remember to Journal without OhLife

ohlife shutdown emailI’m an OhLife user, so getting a message that the service was shutting down an hour ago was unfortunate. At the same time, it wasn’t a surprise. The service has been down from time to time, there has been little to no social media presence, and the last time I heard from them was when they offered a premium service. That, apparently, didn’t go so well.

Here’s how I’m Coping without OhLife

  1. Create a subdomain on a person or existing site
  2. Install a WordPress blog on the subdomain
  3. Require a sign in to access the subdomain
  4. Create a recurring Google Calendar event with a link to the journal log in page

For IFTT users there are already some recipes brewing here and here. The latter recipe submits your entries to Dropbox. You can do something similar in Zapier as well.

My Beef with the OhLife Shutdown

I understand that businesses fail and OhLife is among them. It looks like they are going through the standard and proper procedures to inform their users and allow them to get their data out. That said, being a blogging service, I would have really like to export my data in a format that I can easily upload to another blogging service.

bandicam 2014-09-20 21-07-32-001

The rub is this is what you get:

ohlife export file

That’s not a lot to work with, and, of course, there aren’t images here either. You can to look through your past entries to find them. I have hundreds of entries. I’m sure many other users have many more than I do. Hunting through old entries to look for images to ultimately pair them up with the text file in some other service that you will be manually importing your past journal entries from OhLife to… Well, I’m tired just thinking about it.