How to Order a Steak and Egg Power Bowl at Panera

Once upon a time, Panera Bread had a Steak and Egg power bowl on their secret menu. It was pretty awesome. It’s no longer on the secret menu, but there a a couple of ways that you can still get it!

You can make it yourself. has directions here.

And, you can still order it from Panera if you know how 🙂

  • Order a steak and egg breakfast sandwich
  • Ask them to hold the bread
  • No cheese
  • Add an egg
  • Add salt and pepper
  • Add tomato
  • Add avocado
  • Add pesto (it’s under ‘basil’ on their cash register)
  • And ask them to put it in a bowl!

I’m not sure if there are different prices at different Panera Bread’s, but with the modifications, our rigged up steak and egg power bowl will run you $7.49.

PS. This is especially good news for the paleo community and celiac since it’s tough to find those options at Panera.